Monday, September 17, 2012


    My last few posts have all been quite serious and down to business so..I thought it would be nice to have a few laughs on the blog..







Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I am a strong advocate of free weights because they allow the body to move synergistically.

The body moves in balanced cycles. Free weights delivers resistance to the body in a more organic way that promotes both balance and symmetry as well as superior strength and mass gains.

This in turn minimizes imbalances in musculature.Which in turn will minimize injuries.

I actually have never had any injuries from lifting weights in my 6 years of experience. (7dullah)
And I would say 95 percent of my resistance training is conducted via dumbbells, barbells, cables and  bars.

 The only "machines" I  will use on a regular basis are cables (which i consider to be free weights) and once in a blue moon; the smith machine for things like very heavy squats.

 Muscles have agonist and antagonist pairs.They would generally located on opposite sides of a bone ; a joint extensor and a joint flexor.

Antagonistic pairs are necessary because muscles can only exert a pulling force and cannot push themselves back into their original positions.
For example; when the biceps contract,  the triceps is relaxed and returns to its original position. The opposite happens when the triceps contract.

In any exercise, or movement  there are three types of muscles being used simultaneously.
  • Agonist muscles which are the prime movers,or the main muscle responsible for that particular movement.
  • Antagonist muscles which contract in opposition to the agonist.
  •  Stabilizer muscles which maintain  the body at an optimal position during that exercise

Machines basically fuck all that shit up.

With educated knowledge of the underlying anatomy you can position your body to achieve specific isolation of any muscle. Machines are not needed for this so don't be lazy!

The results will be superior in both, function , balance and mass.
I'm not saying never, train with machines...

Just know that there is a better and more functional alternative with free weights for whatever machine your using.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012



My name is Youssra, and I am the sister of the one named ;Yahyoush.

I'm writing a guest post  about the influence my older brother had in dramatically changing my life for the better!

Throughout my childhood years i was very overweight and this progressed to a point in which I became clinically obese.I weighed 78kg at the age of 12. I continuously felt left out from simple daily  activities, such as going shopping with my sister or cousins, because at that time i had to squeeze into  size 42 jeans, whilst other members of my family were almost half my weight. 

I started out by trying to involve myself in competitive sports, most notably basketball and tennis.Then more radical approaches such as starvation and even, for a short period; becoming bulimic.

It was at this point my brother noticed my efforts to try to loose weight.
He sat me down and created a fitness and nutritional plan for me.

My nutritional  regime involved an alteration to my now very restricted diet including eating lots of healthy fats (the notion of any fat at this point terrified me).

My exercise plan involved HIIT at first. However it was very detailed an personalized to my goals.Both for the immediate present and in the future.

 The first session was a nightmare, I was panting and dizzy from exhaustion.I was soooo out of shape.
But my bro was there and motivated me every other day for that first week.And in one week, I began feeling amazing energy wise. I had lost 4kg in one week and I was actually enjoying full , hearty meals at the same time!

This created a paradigm shift in my ideology:

Now, at the age of 15 my body fat percentage has decreased from 33% to 17.5%. 
I no longer have  any trouble finding my size in shops. Because of my change in weight i can now move so much faster than before and easily play sports without having to stop every 10 minutes for a break.

Like my brother my diet was much stricter when first starting out, but I actually got him to send me a pdf of his current diet and adopted it immediately.Its far more relaxed and I do not feel restricted in any way whatsoever.

I now incorporate HIIIT  once or twice a week as my cardiovascular conditioning  and go to the gym 5 times a week. 
I started with a more general weightlifting program as recommended by my big bro; which didn’t really focus on particular muscles,but was more focused on compound movements  (however not with monster weights like him.I am a young lady :)
 Now that I´ve attained a strength base and three years of training experience.I have begun to focus much more  on isolation work and really just shaping my body as I see fit.
My current goals are to maintain my weight and simply tighten up my physique .

Here are some be4 and after pics:



Sunday, June 10, 2012


 This will be a post that I will be continually updating as time goes by.

So the story begins:

 Once upon a time. In a land that may or may not be far away. I was a fat kid...

At age 11 I weighed a staggering 73 kg. To put that into perspective; that is also  what i weighed  almost a decade later at the tender age 18. I unfortunately cannot find any photos in which to showcase myself  in this ugly duckling phase of my life...(most probably a voluntary decision on my part).

18 is when I began my training journey. Prior to this I went for regular jogs for about a year.
I lost a whopping  17kgs that year! And I continue to be a fan of both jogging and H.i.i.t
This is me at 18 years of age; before I ever lifted a weight:

Although I have a natural tendency to google and research everything. I actually had no clue what I was doing in the gym for the first two years. Well, I thought I did and I definitely got results. However learning by reading an article and learning by experience are two completely different things. In my opinion life is all about the journey to get where you want to be... And this was a long journey!

I had adopted a very low carb diet in which my only sources were fruit and non starchy veggies. I adhered to it religiously during these 3 years. I also trained at least 5 times a week during this period. I did not take ANY supplements whatsoever aside from my favorite multivitamin and only the very occasional protein shake. (aspartame scares me)

This is me at 21:

 At this point I became quite serious about my training methodology. I began focusing on specific body parts much more rather than compound movements. I extensively and obsessively studied basically everything about training. From actual exercises and their variations to human nutrition,  bio-mechanics, endocrinology etc..

 I did this whenever I had spare time in order to really get a understanding of my training.
( I am a certified google freak)
I became more open with the idea of  flirting with supplements and have tried a few. Although I still am and always have been a natty freak. I also adopted my current diet which is far more relaxed and realistic to maintain 4 keeps.

My current goals are to maintain and continue to develop a  lean and balanced physique.
I do not like the bulky look. I think when anything is taken to excess it is detrimental.
I like powerful looking and highly muscled lean bodies.

This is me currently ( I am 23):

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Setting yourself targets is an excellent way to keep your training at world class levels.

Whether its a specific body part or a specific type of activity such as explosive strength training..something is always not going to be getting the adequate focus required.
Humans are creatures of habit,and when it comes to training,we can easily get caught up in our favourite exercises and cause imbalances in musculature.

A rule of thumb when setting targets is to ask yourself..what is  lagging in your training?
What do you really NOT feel like training?

Answer these questions and scrutinize your current goals.Analyze yourself on a constant basis and identify what body parts you have neglected in the last week, or month and then prioritize it.

Constructive scrutiny is a good thing.Knowing your weaknesses sets you on the path to turn them into strengths.Don't obsess or stress about anything,the journey to your goals is half the fun!

Initialize a paradigm shift on your training routine and incorporate a new exercise methodology to shock the body part or athletic feature you are now focusing on. New methodologies could involve adding completely  new exercise routines or simply adding variables and variations to your current routine.
Or a new methodology to performing them such as Madness sets. 

There are many ways to getting out of a plateau, the key is not letting it happen in the first place!

Setting yourself very specific weekly targets along with a more general monthly target is an excellent way to get yourself organized in your training.You don't have to go neurotically apeshit and cover your house in post its. Just a mental note of your current weekly goal along with a broader idea of what you want  to accomplish this month should suffice.


Quite a lot of men specifically will do lots of weightlifting  and ignore activities such as running, swimming or even walking completely.  This is unfortunate,as aerobic exercise has so many benefits.
A high percentage of people train for vanity; they want to train what you can see and quantify (Fair enough.)
However the majority of benefits from activities such as running cannot be seen so easily. Your not going to gain slabs of muscle going for a jog  as the benefits you will reap are primarily internal adaptations.
In my opinion a well proportioned physique should be as capable as it is aesthetically pleasing.
Your body is you, and you should be epic! Inside and out!

Aerobic capacity is correlated with:

  •     larger brain volume  

  •   better circulation 

  •  improved metabolic function

  • increased neural drive and reflex capability

  • higher oxygen saturation in the blood

  • lower resting blood pressure  

  • improved renal function

  • lower resting heart rate

  • increased  liver detoxification

 Humans excel in endurance activities.We are actually one of the best long distance runners in the animal kingdom. Prior to the the implementation  of more advanced hunting methodology; such as training hunting dogs or projectile weaponry,  humans would capture their prey by simply running it down.
This method is known as persistence hunting and is an ancient technique still used around the world today in certain cultures such as in the Kalahari.
A combination of  long distance running and tracking is used  in pursuit of the prey, which is chased down to the point of exhaustion.

A gazelle´s graceful speed puts us to shame in short distances. However, mankind  is designed with several features and adaptations that enable us to exert ourselves far longer than most other mammals.
Humans are relatively hairless and can use sweat very efficiently as a  thermoregulation process.
Amongst mammals, humans and horses are notable exceptions that utilize the lymphatic system with such efficacy. The gazelle or other quadrupedal prey would eventually  have to slow its pace considerably in order to pant. In the Kalahari, the bushmen chase kudu for two to five hours for a successful hunt. This would be over a distance of 16 to 25 miles in temperatures up to 43C!

This type of exercise is part of our ancestry and part of what it means to be human. To move!
While aerobic exercise is not necessary to maintain large muscles it is absolutely necessary to maintain health and vitality. Specifically the maintenance of  healthy organs.It is your life force,and aerobic movement charges this life force.

Also for you aesthetic peeps, running with a few extra layers of clothing in warm weather is an excellent way to increase internal health whilst lowering body fat and  subcutaneous water retention so you look nice and ripped  :)

I recommend always to do aerobic exercise AFTER weights and not before as it will tire you.

Here are some studies to quantify my claims on why it is necessary to do aerobic exercise at least twice a week:

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Good music is synonymous with a good work out.
If you have some sickkkk new beats to pump up to, then you are at the starting point to commence a  rampage fit for a titan.
I'm not into any specific genres per se; I just generally like what is epic.
So..... in no particular order, here are some of my current favorite tracks:

Enjoy XD: